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Department of Nanoscience and Technology


Nanoscience and Technology is a multidisciplinary area with cutting edge concepts that encloses ample developments in the field of new materials and devices with unique properties. Nanotechnology is concerned with refining new materials and devices applicable to the field of medicine, electronics and the currently hot areas of energy research. Most of the applications enhance the existing properties of the products and offer novel design and light weight products ready for commercialization.  Realizing this potential, enormous global resources have been invested in research in Nanoscience & Technology.  Being an interdisciplinary area, nanoscience & technology requires expertise in all areas of modern science and holds tremendous promise for future activities and development for the welfare of the society.

Due to the academic reputation, University of Calicut has quality student inflow to all PG Departments. It is crucial to provide the students suitable environment and facilities for molding them into experts in their corresponding fields. Considering the quantum of scientific and industrial activity that is expected to come around in the area of Nanoscience & Technology in our country and worldwide in the coming years, high quality, and trained manpower is required for realizing the goals. With this perspective, the major objective of this department is to generate high quality students and researchers to meet the growing need of qualified experts to work in this area. This will also ensure high quality job opportunities to graduates produced by this department.


The Department’s mission is to create a world-class centre of excellence for pursuing interdisciplinary research in Nanoscience and Technology to impart high quality post graduate education to students in all frontier areas of Nanoscience & Technology. This mission comprises of the following goals.

  • Motivate students and make them aware of the potential of Nanoscience & Technology and inculcate research interests in them.
  • Provide the students with hands-on experience in innovative technologies for working in the field of Nanoscience & Technology
  • Start new academic program under School of chemical and physical sciences to promote interdisciplinary research and studies.
  • Provide a pleasant and motivating research environment for the students to ignite their thoughts.
  • Generate high quality skilled work force to meet the growing need of qualified experts to work in the area of Nanoscience &Technology
  • Generate sufficient physical infrastructure & strengthen the research facilities in the department to uplift the quality of research.
  • Encourage industrial ties through collaboration in student projects, internships at industrial research centres etc. for technological transfer

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Department of Nano Science and Technology
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